2015 September 12

Software Tutorials

In late 2009, a couple friends and I entered a sustainable business plan contest at UW-Madison, with an idea for an iPhone app. Having only taken a few computer science classes in the past, I needed a lot of help to learn enough iOS and Android development to make the idea a reality. I used books and online tutorials extensively to get started, but it still took me a long time and it was sometimes difficult. I would sometimes feel stupid and sad, like I wasn’t a “real” developer after all. I remember crying and giving up “for good” several times.

But eventually, a certain explanation would click with me and get me un-stuck. This thankfully happened enough times to get me where I am today, and app development is now my career. I now have the privilege to work at a certified B-corporation in San Francisco, solving impactful social problems for non-profits and government agencies. I also have the privilege of repaying the favor to the development community by writing and editing software tutorials.

Tutorials and articles I’ve written:

Common Design Patterns for Android – Article outlining several common Creational, Structural, and Behavioral design patterns used in Android development, with real-life explanations and code snippets.

RayWenderlich.com – Updated December 15, 2015

Android Tutorial for Beginners – I wrote the original edition and it has since been updated two times.

RayWenderlich.com – Updated December 14, 2015

Accessing Heart Rate Data for your ResearchKit Study – Tutorial explaining how to access heart rate data on iOS using HealthKit, then use it in a ResearchKit-powered app.

RayWenderlich.com – Updated December 10, 2015

Make an App Like RunKeeper – 2-part tutorial explaining how to make an app that tracks your running route, reports stats, and awards badges for progress.

RayWenderlich.com – Updated July 16, 2015

ResearchKit Tutorial with Swift: Getting Started – Learn how to make an app using Apple’s framework for medical research apps.

RayWenderlich.com – Updated May 26, 2015

How To Secure Your App’s Passwords with Safari AutoFill in iOS 8 – Reduce the need for iOS users to type in passwords, and thus encourage more secure password practices.

RayWenderlich.com – Updated April 23, 2015