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Update July 12, 2015

The SoundCloud playlist below contains all the clips, and I’ll keep it updated as I add more! I will also keep the GitHub repository updated in parallel. Thank you for all the support and I’m really happy people have found these helpful.

Original Post

One of the biggest recent changes to iTunes Connect is the introduction of App Previews. Now, in addition to screenshots of an app, developers can upload a short 15-30 second video demonstrating how to use the app.

This is hugely valuable, and very easy with the built-in device video capture of QuickTime Player’s latest version combined with video editing in easy software like iMovie.

However, when it comes to background music, the only two mentions given in the guide are a suggestion to use the same music that your app uses (totally irrelevant in the very likely case your app has no music), and a reminder to not to use any copyrighted material you don’t own.

So what’s an app developer to do, other than make an awkwardly-silent 15-30 second video, or narrate a voiceover into the void?

Well, I repurposed some of my old songs into 15-30 second versions, and posted them all on GitHub and on SoundCloud for your free use under Creative Commons Attribution License.

They were all made on GarageBand using a mix of the royalty-free GarageBand loops and homemade recordings. No attribution necessary, though I’d appreciate a GitHub star or a thumbs-up on this post, or maybe even a link to your App Preview in the App Store using one of the clips :]

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