2014 July 9


I’m writing a science fiction novel called Dyad. It’s about this twenty-something woman who lives in the future on some other planet with these aliens (“Dya”) that symbiotically pair up with humans. She goes through a bunch of identity stuff as she grows up, and the society is also going through it’s own stuff (like regime changes and such). It’s got action and humor and feminism and futuristic technology and some philosophicalness.

I plan to work on that tagline sometime.

Anyway, it’s been a really fun project for me. The crazy variety of things I’ve researched while writing has been really enlightening, and the whole process has kind of become a channel for my curiosity. I get to Google things like superfluid vacuum theory, postcolonial science fiction, or horizontal genetic transfer and feel like I’m being productive.

I post excerpts pretty often, so you can see the progress thus far. A click on an excerpt’s little “thumbs-up” button or a brief comment may seem trivial to you, but those little encouragements mean much to me :] Thank you!

Here are a few excerpts I am happy about, though I will likely make changes before finishing:



Native Sky


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