Calling all readers!

Short version

I’d be very honored if you “subscribe” to my sci-fi novel.

You can download the prologue here as a PDF file or as an ePub file, then message me or comment on this post when you’re done and I’ll get you 15-30 more pages each month.

More Details

As some of you may know, I’ve been writing a science fiction novel called Dyad for over three years, whenever I can squeeze in the time.

It’s the story of Jek, a young woman in the first generation of people born on a planet a handful of light-years from Earth. As her society fights over which parts of Earth culture it will keep and which parts it will leave behind, Jek goes through a parallel process as she discovers who she really is.

It contains action, humor, biology, physics, anthropology, philosophy, and other ideas that I just notice and include in fits of inspiration. The inspiration can come from books, current events, meaningful conversations, interesting articles– anything.

My goal has been to write a story that is fun for me to write, fun for you to read, and uses imagined places and characters as a way to look for truth.

So here’s where you come in: please read it!

You can download the prologue here as a PDF file or as an ePub file.

The prologue takes place 16 years before the rest of the story and is about 30 pages long, given the size of a typical paper book.

If you read the prologue and would like more, just let me know (via email, facebook, twitter, or a comment on this post is fine) and I will send you the next part in June. It’ll be like a subscription where I send 15-30 more pages per month until you have the whole thing (will probably be about a year).

Each month is opt-in— so please send me a quick note when you’re done reading each part. If I stop hearing from you, I’ll stop sending. (This not meant to be a deadline on you but just a way for me to wisely focus my energy so I’m not just sending unread work into space).

Any and all feedback is welcome. This is my first novel, and much of the creative writing that I’ve ever done is in this story, much of which no one other than myself has read yet. I’m very interested to know if what I’ve been working on is actually of interest to other people or not. I can keep working on my own but, like a performer, I feed off the energy of readers.

I’m doing this in a “subscription” model so I can respond to your feedback as I finish the last few scenes and do some editing on existing work. I may edit earlier parts as we go along too, so what you receive is only the “latest” version, not the final one. For example, maybe every reader will independently demand the inclusion of a talking gorilla in the plot, and I’ll at least consider it (my answer to the talking gorilla is no, although it can work).

Thank you so much, and of course if anyone is working on anything similar I would be happy to read it– just send it my way and I will voraciously eat it up and give you my honest, detailed feedback!

As Jek would say: One step back, one deep breath, and a full sprint forward.


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