The Future is my passion.


My passion takes three forms on this site.

Software Tutorials

I used the wealth of online resources to learn mobile development, and I repay the favor by writing tutorials.

Book Commentaries

I seek out challenging and interesting books, and document what I’ve found thus far.

Original Science Fiction

I post excerpts of “Dyad,” my novel-in-progress.

About Me

The way I love anything is by exploring it.

In a way, this site is supposed to be like my explorer’s journal. I’ll share my tutorials and reviews to serve as charts and maps in case you want to follow, and I’ll record other observations in the more likely case that you’re on a completely different expedition and would just like something to read.

What I do:
  • Mobile Developer @ Exygy

    I lead development of iOS and Android apps for leading changemakers like non-profits and government agencies.

  • Tutorial Writer @

    I write and edit iOS and Android tutorials for the leading mobile development tutorial site.

  • Open Source Software Contributor

    I regularly contribute to popular open source libraries on GitHub in Swift, Java, and Objective-C.

  • Science Fiction Writer

    I love sharing imagined stories and characters as a way to look for truth.

This is me.

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Matt Luedke

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